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EROS CalVal Staff



Gregory Stensaas


Greg StensaasEmail:

Education: BS Mechanical Engineering, SDSU; Post graduate classes from UNL and DSU.

Experience: Electro-optical and infrared systems exploitation, development, simulation, and test experience as an electronics engineer and operations research analyst for the U.S. Department of Defense; Principle engineer for the NASA Earth Observing System Distributed Active Archive Center and systems engineer for the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Landsat Data Continuity Mission at the Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center.

Current Projects: USGS Remote Sensing Technologies Project Manager responsible for film and digital sensor calibration, satellite calibration, and system/product characterization; Co-chair of the Joint Agency Commercial Imagery Evaluation (JACIE) program; Chair of the Inter-agency Digital Imagery Working Group (IADIWG); Primary Data Acquisition Division (PDAD) Director for the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS); Vice chair of the Committee on Earth Observation (CEOS) Working Group on Calibration and Validation (WGCV)




Dave Meyer



David Meyer

Education: BA – Physics, Indiana State University, 1979; MA – Physics, Indiana State University, 1984; PhD – Atmospheric & Space Science, University of Michigan, 1994.

Experience: Instrument calibration and characterization of optical, thermal, and synthetic aperture radar imagers; imaging spectroscopy, radiative transfer modeling of plant canopies and the atmosphere; technology transfer & outreach to Native America communities; interoperability of earth science data systems.

Current Projects: Project scientist for NASA’s Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center at USGS/EROS.




Danielle Ames

Software Engineer

Email: dames@usgs.govDanielle Ames

Education: BS Computer Science, 2009, Dakota State University

Experience: Currently the Remote Sensing Technologies web developer and Landsat Data Continuity Mission web developer for user related pages. As a part time student Danielle is also working on her Master’s degree in Information Systems.

Current Projects: Calval Website, User Portal, WWW




Michael Choate

Systems Engineer

Email: choate@usgs.govMichael Choate

Education: -Degrees here-

Experience: -Experience here-

Current Projects: -Projects Here-




Jon Christopherson

Work Manager

Jon ChristophersonEmail:

Education: BS Electrical Engineering, 1984, S.D. School of Mines; MS Space Studies, 1998, University of North Dakota; additional scattered course work from University of Maryland, Mission College, Santa Clara, CA

Experience: Electro-optical sensor manufacturing and operations, system engineering, sensor calibration, quality assurance, and project management. Experience with DoD, DARPA, NASA, and USGS customers. Currently the Contract Work Manager for the Remote Sensing Technologies Project.

Current Projects: Digital Aerial Quality Assurance, Camera Calibration, System Characterization.



Ron Hayes


Email: hayes@usgs.govRon Hayes

Education: BS Geography, 1989, SDSU, Brookings, SD; MS Geography, 1992, SDSU, Brookings SD. Other coursework in the Geospatial Science and Engineering program at SDSU.

Experience: Digital Data Production data processing analyst, Geometric Calibration Analyst, Data Analyst for the Remote Sensing Technologies Project (RST), and Calbration Validation Team lead for Landsat and Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM).

Current Projects: Calibration Validation Team Lead for the Landsat Data Contiunity Mission (LDCM)




Obaidul Haque

Radiometric Calibration Engineer

Email: ohaque@usgs.govObaidul Haque

Education: BS – Electrical & Electronic Engineering, 1996, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET), Dhaka. MS – Electrical Engineering, 2005, South Dakota State University (SDSU), Brookings, SD., Additional 2 years Course works of Ph.D. in GSE (Remote Sensing Engineering), SDSU, SD

Experience: Satellite sensor characterization and calibration, Development of Landsat Thematic Mapper Image Assessment System, Analysis of IAS trended data for radiometric characterization and calibration.

Current Projects: National Landcover Dataset, Camera Calibration and Validation




Carrie Jucht

Project Coordinator

Email: cjucht@usgs.govCarrie Jucht

Education: BS, Public Administration, 2010, Colorado Technical University.

Experience: Career Development, Outreach and Communications, Liaison, Event Coordination, PR, HR, Document Management, Facilitating Employee Focus Groups

Current Projects: RST Project Coordination, Conference Coordination, JACIE, IADIWIG, Document Management




Esad Micijevic

Systems Engineer

Email: Esad Micijevic

Education: BS – Electrical Engineering, 1991, University of Zagreb, Croatia

MS – Engineering, 2003, South Dakota State University (SDSU), Brookings, SD

Completed the coursework for PhD program in Geospatial Engineering at the SDSU

Experience: Radiometric characterization and calibration of Landsat data

Design and development of image assessment systems and calibration parameter files

Analysis and modeling of artifacts in satellite data

Development of processing and characterization algorithms

Radiometric, geometric and spatial characterization of various space and airborne imaging instruments.

Current Projects: Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) calibration/validation

Landsat calibration/validation

Instrumentation support (RST)




Ronald Morfitt

Systems Engineer

Email: rmorfitt@usgs.govRon Morfitt

Education: -Degrees here-

Experience: -Experience here-

Current Projects: -Projects Here-




Omar Patterson

Systems Engineer

Email: opatterson@usgs.govOmar Patterson

Education: BS Marine and Environmental Science Hampton University 1996, Five day Human Resources Management for Supervisors course 2001, GIS Training Course using ArcGIS and Arcview 3.2 2001, Introduction to Photogrammetry 2005 (ASPRS Conference), Aerial Photography 2005 George Mason University

Experience: Research Analyst, work management, quality assurance, aerial camera calibration. Currently work in the Optical Science Lab.

Current Projects: Camera Calibration, Digital Aerial Quality Assurance



Aparajithan Sampath

Senior Photogrammetrist

Email: asampath@usgs.govAparajithan Sampath

Education: PhD Geomatics Engineering, 2009, Purdue University

Experience: Satellite/aerial photogrammetry, GIS programming/analysis, 3D point cloud analysis/algorithm development, Data mining, Computer vision

Current Projects: Digital Aerial Quality Assurance, Camera Calibration, System Characterization




Pasquale “Pat” Scaramuzza

Senior Scientist

Email: pscar@usgs.govPat Scaramuzza

Education: BS Physics,1990, Drexel University; MA Physics, 1993, Temple University

Experience: Sensor calibration, spectral analysis, data mining, algorithm research and prototype development, graphic artist, and principal investigator for vicarious and remote sensing data collections.

Current Projects: LDCM Calibration/Validation, LDCM Cloud Assessment, LDCM Essential Climate Variable research.




Jerad Shaw

Systems Engineer

Email: jshaw@usgs.govJerad Shaw

Education: BS Geography & Geographic Information Sciences (GIS), 2004, South Dakota State University; MS Geography (in process), South Dakota State University

Experience: Remote sensing applications, GIS applications, data validation/analysis, customer support, system test coordination

Current Projects: Landsat Data Validation & Exchange; Landsat International Cooperators liaison




Scott Stephens

Systems Engineer

Email: scott_stephens@usgs.govScott Stephens

Education: BA Geography 1989, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

Experience: Film Camera Calibration, Aerial photography mission planning, acquisition and QC, Researching historical aerial imagery and cartographic data. Experience with USGS and EPA customers. Currently Work Flow Manager Optical Science Lab.

Current Projects: Camera Calibration, Digital Aerial Quality Assurance




James Storey

Systems Engineer

Email: James.C.Storey@nasa.govJames Storey

Education: BS Civil and Environmental Engineering, 1979, Cornell University; MS Civil and Environmental Engineering, 1981, University of Wisconsin – Madison; MS Electrical Engineering, 1989, The Johns Hopkins University.

Experience: Sensor and satellite modeling, algorithm design, system engineering, software design and development, system integration, and production operations for sensor data analysis and calibration, image processing, and photogrammetric exploitation systems. Experience with USGS, NASA, DoD and commercial remote sensing customers. Currently the geometric calibration/validation lead for the Landsat Data Continuity Mission.

Current Projects: Landsat Data Continuity Mission, Landsat.



Contractor – SGT

Kelly Vanderwerff

Systems Engineer

Email: kvanderwerff@usgs.govKelly Vanderwerff

Education: Electrical Engineering Degree from South Dakota State University (SDSU)

Experience: Member of the LDCM Calibration team since 2010.

Current Projects: LDCM CalVal



Former Staff



Gyanesh Chander

Systems Engineer

Gyanesh ChanderEmail: n/a

Education: Gyanesh Chander received the Ph.D. in Geospatial Science and Engineering (GSE) with specialization in Remote Sensing Engineering, and M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from South Dakota State University (SDSU), Brookings, in 2011 and 2001 respectively.

Education: Gyanesh Chander received the Ph.D. in Geospatial Science and Engineering (GSE) with specialization in Remote Sensing Engineering, and M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from South Dakota State University (SDSU), Brookings, in 2011 and 2001 respectively. He is currently a Lead Systems Engineer with SGT, Inc., at the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center, Sioux Falls, SD.

Experience: Primary responsibilities at EROS include satellite sensor characterization and calibration research to support on-going radiometric projects. Current research focuses on inter-calibration between various sensors from different platforms for mission continuity, thereby providing consistent measurements of Earth’s surface features.

Current Projects: Support the Cal/Val activities within the USGS Remote Sensing Technologies (RST) and the Remote Sensing Consultation and Coordination (RSCC) groups.




Donald Moe

Principal Photogrammetrist

Email: n/aDon Moe

Education: BA Geography, 1965, U of MN – Duluth; Coursework (30 hrs) for MS Catography, U of Southern Illinois – Edwardsville, MS Photogrammetry, 1972, Purdue University; Limited coursework for PhD Remote Sensing, SUNY – Syracuse.

Experience: Analytical photogrammetry (aerotriangulation, calibration, orthophoto production, math modelling), computer software, math analyst, system analyst, system engineering, system architect, quality assurance, system testing, customer support, security operations, contract management (COTR and COR), and technical management. Experience with DoD, USGS, and DARPA customers. Currently developing prototype software for LDCM and sensor calibration areas for the Remote Sensing Technologies Project.

Current Projects: Digital Aerial Quality Assurance, Camera Calibration, LDCM TIRS System.


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