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Land Product Characterization System (LPCS)

Land Product Characterization System (LPCS) is a USGS developed application that has the capability to trend system characterizations for various sensors, providing users the ability to do comparative analysis of satellite data and products. Analysis of data from multiple sensors allow an evaluation of each sensor's strengths and deficiencies over various terrain. A web-enabled interface allows users to select sensors and the associated trending attributes. A fundamental goal of the LPCS is to compare product results for each sensor and enable easy visualization of sensor differences. Visit this USGS webpage for more information on using the LPCS. Comments, corrections, and further information on LPCS are welcome and can be sent to eccoe@usgs.gov.

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LPCS Filters


Note: Once a multi-select is picked for a filter, the remaining filters are single-selects only and filter options are inclusive to the previous selection.

LPCS Filter Results