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Calibration Reports

Procedures for Obtaining Camera Calibration Reports for Aerial Photographs

Initial requests for camera calibration report information on aerial photographs should first be directed to the federal or state agency that contracted the photographs. Please DO NOT contact the private companies that took the photographs for this information because they are not set up to handle these requests. For proprietary (i.e., non-public domain) photography held by nongovernment entities, the private company or vendor should be contacted for calibration information. If such a company is no longer in business, the Optical Science Laboratory (OSL) MAY be able to assist in providing calibration information.

To obtain camera calibration reports for U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) photography, either the Project Code (i.e., NAPP, NHAP84, VABC, SWEX, OI, VHJ, or CCK) and roll number (for the NAPP and NHAP projects) or lens number and date of photography must be provided.

For non-USGS public domain photography, the LENS NUMBER and the DATE OF PHOTOGRAPHY must be determined. These are the two pieces of information the OSL needs to supply the correct camera calibration report. Requests for camera calibration information on aerial mapping cameras should be directed to the agencies listed below, then to the OSL for a copy of the correct calibration report.

Agency points of contact:

    Salt Lake City, UT
    Attn: John Mootz
    Telephone: 801-844-2910
    Fax: 801-975-3512
  • NASA, Ames Research Center
    Moffett Field, CA
    Attn: Bruce Coffland, Rose Dominguez
    Telephone: 650-604-6252
    Fax: 650-604-4987
  • USGS Optical Science Laboratory
    Reston, VA
    Scott Stephens
    Omar Patterson
    Telephone: 703-648-4692
    Fax: 703-648-4155

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