USGS Camera Calibration Reports

For many years, the USGS Optical Science Lab (OSL) represented a critical resource by providing high quality calibration certification of cameras for use in USGS flight contracts. In September 2017, the OSL was decommissioned and no longer provides the certification services. This page displays the list of camera calibration reports that were conducted for the USGS. These can be searched, sorted, and downloaded below.

Many of these camera calibration reports are also available with the associated aerial photo records that are contained in the Aerial Photo Single Frames Data Set on EarthExplorer. Note: The availability of non-USGS camera calibration reports is dependent on the agency or organization responsible for the flight; not all Aerial Photo Single Frame records include calibration reports.

ID Report Number Report Date Camera Manufacturer Camera Type Camera Number Lens Manufacturer Lens Type Lens Number Focal Length Owner File