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JACIE 2016

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The Joint Agency Commercial Imagery Evaluation (JACIE) Workshop co-located with the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) Imaging and Geospatial Technology Forum (IGTF) in Fort Worth, Texas, USA at the Fort Worth Convention Center, April 12-14, 2016.

Tuesday April 12, 2016 Wednesday April 13, 2016 Thursday April 14, 2016
U.S. Agency Talks with Question and Answer

Greg Stensaas – Welcome

Glenn Bethel – USDA

Peter Doucette – USGS

Kurt Thome – NASA

Mitch Goldberg – NOAA

 Session 5 – Hi Res Satellite Assessment

Paul Bresnahan – 16.012/16.047  WorldView-3  Geolocation Accuracy and Band Co-Registration Analysis/GeoEye-1  Geolocation Accuracy and Band Co-Registration Analysis

Chris Comp – 16.018  WorldView-3 SWIR Instrument Performance and Applications

Michele Kuester – 16.019  Improvements to and Update on the Absolute Radiometric Calibration of the DigitalGlobe Constellation

Session 9 – Hyperspectral System and Processing

Lewis Graham – 16.008 Building High Performance MUSES Processing Systems in Amazon Web Services

Ray Perkins – 16.013/16.014  Teledyne’s Multi-User System for Earth Sensing (MUSES)/Imaging Spectroscopy Applications using the DESIS Hyperspectral Instrument on MUSES.

Janja Avbelj – 16.015 Image Products from the new hyperspectral sensor DESIS

New Space Panel

Government Needs

New Space Welcome






Industry Plans

Planet Labs

Session 6 – Calibration and Assessment

Dennis Helder – 16.032 Performance of Lifetime Statistics Derived Relative Gains for Landsat 8 OLI

Kurt Thome – 16.030 Radiometric calibration of DigitalGlobe sensors using automated in-situ measurements

Sara Bahloul – 16.015 Calculation of the Modulation Transfer Function of the RapidEye Sensors

Robert Ryan – 16.003 Radiometric Calibration/Validation of the VIIRS Day-Night Band High Gain Stage Using Ground-based Artificial Light Sources

Cibele Teixeira Pinto – 16.045 First In-flight Radiometric Calibration of the CBERS-4 MUX and WFI

Session 10 – Calibration Processes and Data

David Allen – 16.037 Calibration Standards and Services for Emerging Remote Sensing Technologies

Tom Cecere – 16.041 The Move Toward Analysis Ready Data and the opportunities/challenges Ahead

Shawana Johnson – 16.040 Big Data – No Problem; Big Analysis in a Secure Environment – Problem

Jim Storey – 16.021 Radiometric and Geometric Performance of Sentinel 2A (S2A) Multispectral Imager (MSI) Compared to Landsat 8 Operational Land Imager (OLI)

Session 3 – Satellite Geometric Calibration

DongHan Lee – 16.044 and 16.043 Spatial Quality by Edge target with KOMPSAT-3 & KOMPSAT-3A/Calibration and Validation for KOMPSAT-3A

Byron Smiley – 16.025 The Geometric Quality of the Ortho Product Made by Google

David Mulawa – 16.038 Geolocation Accuracy Performance of the DigitalGlobe Constellation During 2015

Sung-Hwan Park – 16.034  Application and evaluation of different Topographic correction models for Landsat-8 OLI images

Session 7 – Radiometric Calibration

Mary Pagnutti – 16.010 Reducing the Size and Complexity of Full-Aperture Radiometric Calibrators on Thermal Imaging Satellites

Brian Wenny – 16.027 RadCalNet: A prototype radiometric calibration network for Earth observing imagers

Jeff Czapla-Meyers – 16.026 Uncertainty Analysis for the Radiometric Calibration Test Site (RadCaTS) at Railroad Valley, Nevada

Kurt Thome – 16.029 Use of automated in-situ measurements for sensor harmonization

Stephen Schiller – 16.036 Application Of The Specular Array Radiometric Calibration (SPARC) Method For The Vicarious Calibration Of Landsat Sensors

Session 11 – Camera and Sensor Calibration

Christian Muller – 16.002 LEICA DMC III Geometric in Flight Calibration and Practical Experiences

Michael Gruber – 16.009 Microsoft UltraCam Update on UltraCam Aerial Sensor Technology

Wei Sun – 16.024 Launch of TripleSat Constellation and its Products and Services

Session 4 – Lidar Data Quality

Minsu Kim – 16.022 Evaluation of new technologies for commercial Lidar data

Ajit Sampath – 16.023 A Summary of System Analyses at the USGS EROS

Qassim Abdulla – 16.020  Evaluating Single Photon and Geiger Mode Lidar Technology for the 3D Elevation Program (3DEP)

Session 8 – Satellite Sensor Calibration and Techniques

Jennifer Kyle –16.006 Radiometric Calibration of the Planet Labs PlanetScope Constellation

Joseph Warga – 16.007 Pre-launch Calibration of the Planet Labs PlanetScope Constellation

Ignacio Zuleta –16.004 Reconstruction of effective point-spread functions (PSF) in natural satellite images

Dennis Helder – 16.031  A 1st Principles Approach for Absolute Radiometric Calibration Using Pseudo Invariant Calibration Sites

Session 12 – Future of Earth Observation

Zhouting Wu – 16.017 – Evaluating remote sensing data impacts from the bottom up – A USGS example

Jon Christopherson – 16.024 – An Update on Spaceborne Remote Sensing


-Greg Stensaas
• JACIE Question and Answer
• Closing Remarks

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