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Site Location: Libya 2


ETM+ Bands 321 Zoomed

ETM+ Bands 321 Zoomed

ETM+ Bands 321

ETM+ Bands 321

Location (City, State, Country): Libya, Africa
Altitude above siea level (meters): 329
Center Latitude,Longitude (Degrees): +25.05 , +20.48
Landsat WRS-2 Path/Row: 182 / 43
Size of Usable Area (km): 100 x 100
Owner: Unavailable
Researcher: Henry Patrice
Email Researcher
Purpose: TBD
Description: Outside south-west corner of Landsat WRS-2 182/42.

Google Earth: Strong dune and rivulet patterns at multiple scales. Otherwise, large spatially homogeneous area of 100 km by 100 km available. Some smoother areas of 25 km by 25 km lie about 200 km northeast of center coordinates. There appear to be slight variations in intensity and color across the area, but these may arise from different images.

Support Data: TBD
Suitability: TBD
Limitations: TBD

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ETM+ Bands 321 Site Parameters
ETM+ Bands 321 Site Parameters
Google Earth Zoomed
Google Earth Zoomed

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