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Site Location: Niger 1


ETM+ Bands 321 Zoomed

ETM+ Bands 321 Zoomed

ETM+ Bands 321

ETM+ Bands 321

Location (City, State, Country): Niger, Africa
Altitude above siea level (meters): 582
Center Latitude,Longitude (Degrees): +19.67 , +9.81
Landsat WRS-2 Path/Row: 189 / 46
Size of Usable Area (km): 50 x 50
Owner: Unavailable
Researcher: Henry Patrice
Email Researcher
Purpose: TBD
Description: At south-west corner of Landsat WRS-2 188/46.

Google Earth: Dunes at detailed scales but not very pronounced. Large spatially homogeneous (in intensity and color) areas: about 25 km by 25 km to the east of specified coordinates and about 50 km by 50 km about 50 km to the north of specified coordinates. A 100- by 100-km window may also be workable.

Support Data: TBD
Suitability: TBD
Limitations: TBD

Additional Photos

ETM+ Bands 321 Site Parameters
ETM+ Bands 321 Site Parameters
Google Earth Zoomed
Google Earth Zoomed

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