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Site Location: Demmin

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Location (City, State, Country): Near town of Demmin, North-East Germany, Europe
Altitude above sea level (meters): 8
Center Latitude,Longitude (Degrees): +53.90 , +13.17
Landsat WRS-2 Path/Row: 193 / 22
Size of Usable Area (km): Demmin consists of 5 limited and joint stock agricultural companies covering approximately 25.000 ha of agricultural fields
Owner: Closely linked to a cooperation of DLR and the Interest Group Demmin, an association of local farmers.
Researcher: Holger Maass
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Purpose: The test site has been implemented and operated for validation and calibration of remote sensing data, especially for thematic value added products.
Description: The Demmin test site is located near the town Demmin in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in North-East Germany, approximately 80 km north of Neustrelitz and 220 km north of Berlin. DEMMIN extends from 542'54.29" N, 1252'17.98" E to 5345'40.42" N, 1327'49.45" E. The landscape belongs to the north german lowlands formed during the last Pleistocene period (Pommersches stadium). It is characterized by glaci-fluvial and glaci-limnic deposits, and moraines which are reflected in a slightly undulating relief. Soil substrates are dominated by loamy sands and sandy loams alternating with pure sand patches or clayey areas. The altitudinal range within the test site is around 50 m with some slopes of considerable gradients (12) along the Tollense River in the south eastern part of the test site. Mean annual temperatures vary from 7.6 to 8.2C. Precipitation ranges from about 500 to 650 mm. Due to micro-relief, climate conditions may vary significantly on a local scale. The field sizes in this area are large, averaging 80 - 100 ha. The main crops grown are winter crops covering almost 60 % of the fields in the area. Maize, sugar beet and potatoes make up about 13 %.
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Support Data: Digital quasi-static Data (Soil Maps, Land parcel - Field Maps), Digital dynamic Data (Yield Mapping, Application Maps, Agro-meteorological Weather Network), and Planned Measurements (Sites for Calibration)
Suitability: The test site is suitable for developing, calibrating, testing, and validating of thematic value added products for agriculture and forestry.
Limitations: TBD



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